Academic Board

Academic Board

The Academic Board is the principal body of Sydney Met responsible for academic affairs, including academic quality and integrity as a whole. It approves academic proposals and for providing advice on academic policy, academic strategy, and academic standards. It oversees and monitors the academic activities of the College and has functions and powers relating to academic matters such as course development, accreditation, quality, integrity, and policy. The Academic Board advises the Chief Executive Officer and Governing Council on matters relating to teaching, learning, assessment, and scholarship, and makes decisions on delegation from Council.

The current composition of the Sydney Met Governing Council is below:

Name   Position     Committee responsibility
Professor John Loxton  Chair of the Academic Board (External)     -
Professor Manoranjan Paul   Deputy Chair of the Academic Board (External)     -
Dr Sabiha Sultana   Ex-Officio: Acting Dean/ Head of Business & Entrepreneurship    Chair: TLC; Member: CAC & SEC
A/Prof Meaghan Katrak Harris   Ex-officio: Head of Department, Social Work & Development     Member, TLC and CAC
Dr Linh Hoang   Ex-officio: Head of Department, Information
Technology & Engineering
    Member, TLC and CAC
Dr Zeenat Mahjabeen   Member (External)     Chair, SEC
Dr Arash Najmaei   Member (External)     Chair, CAC
Ms Afsana Bilkis   Staff Representative     -
Mr Tej B. Bhandari   Student Representative     Member, SEC
Dr Hemant Ojha   Owner’s Representative     -

The Academic Board (AB) has three standing committees:

AB Committees Chair Members
Course Advisory Committee (CAC) Dr Arash Najmaei Dr Sabiha Sultana, A/Prof Meaghan Katrak Harris, Dr Linh Hoang, Dr Frank Baffour, Dr Ahmed Mostafa
Teaching & Learning Committee (TLC) Dr Sabiha Sultana A/Prof Meaghan Katrak Harris, Dr Linh Hoang, Student rep (vacant)
Student Experience Committee (SEC) Dr Zeenat Mahjabeen Shiva Shrestha, Afsana Bilkis, Tej Bhandari