Sydney Met Staff


Sydney Met is home to a vibrant community of academics and professionals who are connected by their supportive, collegiate and inclusive minds. They share a commitment to make a positive learning environment for students to learn and staff to grow and enjoy.

The structure of the Sydney Met begins with the CEO who is supported by the Deputy CEO, Executive Dean and General Manager. The CEO oversees the overall operation and management of the College.

Under the leadership of the Executive Dean, the Sydney Met has three teaching departments, led by the Head of the Department. Each course has a Course Coordinator and various academics whose responsibility is to deliver teaching and learning as well as engage in scholarly activities. Academic support offers to provide support to students and assist with academics. The academic staff at Sydney Met are all well qualified within their given teaching areas, bringing a range of experiences and expertise, in educating international and domestic students in Australia.

The Office of Registrar and Academic Affairs maintains student records and course data, Team1including helping students schedule or register for classes and design timetables. They also make sure that their academic performance meets graduation requirements in order to reach Sydney Met goals by verifying grades with academics on time.

Sydney Met has a strong and growing team of experienced professional staff members. They are committed to undertaking professional, effective, and efficient activities such as admissions, marketing, IT, student academic support, and administrative services. Our staff is passionate to assist students in their studies and help each one to develop academically and personally in their attempt to realise their full potential. This relationship is built upon mutual respect, and it is the College’s aim to provide an environment that is nurturing, harmonious, and highly productive.

Our staff enables an environment in which each student is respectful and appreciative of the knowledge and expertise that each staff member brings to the College, and they can expect academic and professional staff to assist them in every way possible, both in and out of the classroom. Sydney Met offers student services and support in a friendly environment where students can look forward to developing and enjoying a strong bond between students, staff members, and their peers.