Sydney Met has a robust governance system, supported by a committee structure which includes:

The Sydney Met Governance Framework

Sydney Met Governance Framework
  1. Governing Council (and its Committees),
  2. Academic Board (and its Committees), and
  3. Executive Management (and its Divisions)

Authority for their establishment, functions and relationship can be found in the Sydney Met Constitution and respective Charters.

Within the Governing Council, a Governance Committee has been established which oversees the overall governance system and has responsibility for management of the Delegation Schedule and the College Policy Framework and administers a range of statutory and internal compliance obligations, including the conduct of Council, Academic Board and section/ elections of members. It also has a secretariat that provides administrative support to the Governing Council (GC), Academic Board (AB), and GC and AB Committees.

Governing Council

Sydney Met Governing Council is the governing body of Sydney Met. It sets the direction and oversees the College. It holds the authority and responsibility for leadership, oversight, integrity and quality for all of the operations of Sydney Met. The Council comprises nine members including the Chair of the Academic Board, Principal Executive Officer, one elected staff member and one student.

Position Name and Qualifications
Chair Mr Jonathan Howes, BMus, BDiv (Usyd), Diploma of Education (UNE)
Mr Neeraj Dongol, MPA (Macquarie), CPA
Chair: Finance Committee
Secretary Dr Hemant Ojha, BSc (TU), BCom (TU), MSc (IIFM, India), PhD (East Anglia, UK)
Chair: Governance Review Committee
Member Emeritus Professor Geoffrey David Wilmoth, PhD
Chair of Academic Board: Ex-Officio
Member Dr Nina Mistilis, PhD
Chair: Risk Review Committee
Member Professor Robin Kramar, PhD
PEO: Ex-Officio
Member Mr Tarun Pant, MA (UNSW) 
Staff Rep Miss Aastha Suwal
Mr Tej Bahadur Bhandari

The Governing Council has four committees:
  • Governance Committee
  • Risk Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Sydney Met Charity Committee

Academic Board

The Academic Board is the principal body of Sydney Met responsible for approving academic proposals and for providing advice on academic policy, academic strategy and academic standards. It oversees and monitors the academic activities of the College and has functions and powers relating to academic matters such as course development, accreditation, quality, integrity and policy. The Academic Board advises the Principal Executive Officer and Governing Council on matters relating to teaching, learning, assessment and scholarship, and makes decisions on delegation from Council.

While the Academic Board is responsible for academic quality and integrity as a whole, it has constituted several committees to obtain advice on three spheres of academic governance matters:
  • Course Advisory Committee (CAC)
  • Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC)
  • Student Experience Committee (SEC)
  • Academic Risk and Compliance Committee (ARCC)
The Board comprises the following members:

Position Name and qualifications
Chair Emeritus Professor Geoffrey David Wilmoth, PhD
Member Professor Manoranjan Paul, PhD
Member Dr Sabiha Sultana, PhD
Acting Dean: Ex-Officio
Member Dr Zeenat Mahjabeen, PhD
Member Dr Nitya Karmakar, PhD
Staff Rep Ms Afsana Bilkis,
Mr Tej Bahadur Bhandari,

Executive Management

The Governing Council and Academic Board delegate the implementation of many corporate any academic matters to Executive Management. The Principal Executive Officer (PEO) is responsible for the conduct of all College affairs. The PEO is Professor Robin Kramar.