Governing Council

Governing Council

Sydney Met Governing Council is the governing body of Sydney Met. It sets the direction and oversees the College. It holds the authority and responsibility for leadership, oversight, integrity, and quality for all of the operations of Sydney Met. The Council comprises at least two independent members.

The current composition of the Sydney Met Governing Council is below:

Name      Position      Committee responsibility
Dr Chij K. Shrestha      Chair of the Governing Council (External)      -
Mr Neeraj Dongol      Deputy Chair of the Governing Council (External)      Chair, Finance Committee
Dr Nina Mistilis      Member (External)      Chair, Risk & Audit Committee
Mr Tarun Pant      Member (External)      Chair, Governance Committee
Professor John Loxton      Ex-Officio: Chair of the Academic Board      -
Professor Robin Kramar      Ex-Officio: Chief Executive Officer      Member of the Risk + Governance Committee
Miss Aastha Suwal      Staff Representative      -
Mr Tej B. Bhandari      Student Representative      -
Mr Aayam Shrestha      Owner’s Representative      Member of the Finance Committee

The Governing Council has three standing committees:

GC Committees Chair Member Member
Finance Committees Neeraj Dongol Aayam Shrestha Accountant from DS Accountants and Advisors Pty Ltd
Risk & Audit Committee Nina Mistilis Robin Kramar Tarun Pant
Governance Committee Tarun Pant Robin Kramar Hemant Ojha