Graduate Attributes

Sydney Met has six Graduate Attributes (GAs) which are the broad qualities, skills and understandings that the College aspires to enable in its students. These attributes underpin Sydney Met’s basic philosophy of socially responsible entrepreneurship and are informed by Sydney Met’s vision, philosophy and the Bachelor level AQF specifications.

Sydney Met Graduate Attributes (GAs):

GA 1 Disciplinary Knowledge:
Ability to engage, integrate and apply disciplinary knowledge as well as familiarity with evolving practice of the discipline.

GA 2 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:
Ability to think critically and solve existing and emerging problems.

GA 3 Creativity and Innovation:
Ability to develop new and creative responses to societal problems, challenges and opportunities.

GA 4 Engagement and Leadership:
Ability to engage others in lifelong learning and influence action.

GA 5 Communication and Information Literacy:
Ability to locate, evaluate and communicate information effectively at the professional level.

GA 6 Social Responsibility and Ethical Conduct:
Ability to act with social responsibility and work in culturally diverse settings, and be committed to ethical practice.