Our Research Approach

Mr Jonathan Howes, Principal Executive Officer

Sydney Met aspires to be Australia’s pioneering College for socially responsible, culturally appropriate and entrepreneurship-oriented higher education to guide the careers and lives of students from around the world. This aspiration is based on three fundamental realities. One, the Higher Education landscape is changing and the sector has experienced growth in transnational enrolments. Two, demand for entrepreneurship-oriented higher education has grown as more and more young people seek self-employment in emerging and creative fields and seek pathways for meaningful contribution to social development. Three, the conventional universities and colleges do not provide education that inculcates the skills and required attitude to work in diverse cultural settings – and this despite the fact that large numbers of students will be returning to work in their own countries after studying.

Sydney Met aims to meet this new demand for culturally engaged education. The College has chosen to position itself to offer a specialised course that can bridge and connect the international student audience with Australian business concepts. Our aim is to graduate well-educated, culturally sensitive and ethically-minded entrepreneurs. Whether starting a business in Australia or abroad, working as an employee for some time and then starting a business, or joining a family business in their home country, there is a potential market gap the College can help you to fill. The potential to link Australian innovations with international, Australian-educated entrepreneurs provides a specialised and unique educational offering that promotes innovation. In the future, Sydney Met aspires to be a small private university distinguished by high quality of education, and equitable teaching and learning practices that maximise social impact.