Who We Are

Sydney Metropolitan Institute of Technology (Sydney Met) is a unique Higher Education Provider that responds to the need for a new culture in Australian higher education where students are placed at the centre and are provided with a culturally flexible and socially committed learning experience.

Who We Are

Sydney Met is registered with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) as a higher education provider. Sydney Met offers an undergraduate course: Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship), offered within the terms of the Australian Qualifications Framework. Sydney Met is also listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) (Provider Code 03906M) which allows it to enrol international students who have been granted student visas to study in Australia.

The Sydney Met's vision emerged and evolved from the experiences, hope and dreams of people living in Australia’s multicultural society. Its founders were academics and professionals of diverse cultural heritage who experienced educational disadvantages first hand and understood the true value of education to transform careers and lives. Their active and sustained personal and professional engagements within the Australian educational landscape over many years have provided a robust foundation of experience, on which Sydney Met is built.

The main differentiator between other providers and Sydney Met is the niche focus of Sydney Met on socially responsible, culturally appropriate and entrepreneurial education.

Sydney Met accepts the challenge of learning and discovery in the intercultural context, of striving for excellence, and of fostering creativity. Our students come from different walks of life, bringing with them many cultures, experiences and passions. We appreciate and embrace diversity as we help you to nurture your drive for excelling and growing a deep understanding of the world and your place in it. Choosing to undertake an undergraduate degree at Sydney Met will provide you with a solid foundation for your personal and professional life. Your talents will be fostered as you are challenged to maximise your potential. Small class sizes and interaction with our supportive and vibrant community provide not only an strong network of learners and professionals but also life-long friendships. Both in and out of the classroom, we trust you will develop your character as well as your mind and explore and deepen your knowledge and understanding so that you are able to engage thoughtfully and sustainably in your vocation and in your community.

Sydney Met has a campus in the inner west of Sydney City, Burwood, in New South Wales, Australia. The campus building is centrally located to public transport, shopping centres, parks, libraries and more.


Sydney Met will be a progressive higher education provider in Australia distinguished by socially responsible, culturally appropriate and entrepreneurship-oriented education.


Sydney Met exists to deliver culturally appropriate, equitable and engaged education for students so that they become competent to function as entrepreneurs in real world global settings. Sydney Met will work together with its students, graduates, educators and stakeholders to translate the agenda of ‘Education for Change’ and advance ideas and actions for progressive social change within diverse communities in Australia, the Asia Pacific and further afield.


We place students at the centre of what we do – integrating curriculum, teaching practice, learning support, pastoral care and career advice throughout the student life cycle.

Academic Excellence
We strive for academic excellence to deliver ‘culturally competent and socially responsible education’, and to guarantee intellectual freedom and high ethical standards.

Creativity & Leadership
We welcome new ideas from our students, staff and stakeholders in order to encourage leadership for entrepreneurial innovation and opportunities in the global context of diversity of cultures.

Sydney Met’s faculties, students and the entire College management value and respect people of all cultural backgrounds. Each of these Sydney Met stakeholders will embrace cultural diversity as a key strength.

Integrity & Openness
We encourage open discussion and constructive debate; and we practice our specialty with honesty, openness and integrity. We exercise candour with our stakeholders.

We partner with communities, businesses, governments and educational institutions in Australia and internationally who share our ethos in order to achieve our strategic goal of producing entrepreneurship-ready graduates who can bring positive social impacts.

We strive to create an inclusive and supportive community in which the needs of each student are considered, and all have a fair chance to succeed. We will also promote equity and justice in the wider world in our commitment to disadvantaged and marginalised communities.
Who We Are


Sydney Met has three interconnected strategic goals: Academic Quality, Equitable practice and Social Impact, summed up in its motto, Education for Change (in Latin, ‘Educationem Mutationi’).