Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

CRICOS Course Code: 111670E

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The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is grounded in theories of human rights, social justice, and social development. The course provides a strong base of critical and reflective thinking, combined with a drive for innovative practice and social impact. It offers students a comprehensive understanding of the important role of social work practice in achieving justice, inclusion and wellbeing. Students will be prepared to work across a diverse range of areas including children and families, culturally and linguistically diverse communities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations.

This course is developed within the framework of the Australian Social Work Education and Accreditation Standards (2020) [ASWEAS, 2020]. The Sydney Met BSW has provisional accreditation with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW). Designed in consultation with the social work industry, this course is not only linked to employment, but also to creating competencies that lead to a rewarding, self-determined professional life. Students will be well placed to add significant social, cultural and economic value to society through entrepreneurial activities in social work (such as the development of charities and NGOs) and advocating for policies and practices that encourage the fair allocation of resources. Integrated field education is a core component of the BSW course, involving 1,000 hours of experience in work placements.

Course Highlights:

  • An exciting and new undergraduate course targeted at individuals who want to pursue socially responsive and responsible directions in social work practice.
  • Focusing on high student satisfaction rate and learning outcomes, reflected by developing the experiential and critical thinking competence in students that enables them translating exciting ideas into culturally engaged actions.
  • Graduates either take the challenge of becoming socially responsible professionals, or proactively engage in the expanding field of social work entrepreneurial careers.
  • Face-to-face teaching in a conveniently located College, or, equivalent hours of teaching in an online or blended mode.
  • Taught and supported by highly knowledgeable, experienced and culturally competent teachers and support staff.
  • Includes 1000 hours of field education and a Capstone Units where students can get world experience.
  • The BSW course will require the completion of the 21 Core Units, plus 3 Elective Units (out of 7 electives offered) and 3 Field Education components (compulsory). Each Core & Elective Unit is worth 6 credit points, while Field Education is worth 48 credit points in total (SWK311 12 credit points, SWK411 18 credit points, and SWK412 18 credit points). The course requires students to complete 192 credit points.

Course Overview:

BSW Structure

Field Education:

BSW Field Education The BSW includes three placements totalling 1,000 hours. These placements are comprised of Social Work Field Education 1 (250 hours), Social Work Field Education 2 (375 hours), and Social Work Field Education 3 (375 hours).

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