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The College strives to provide quality experience to its students and considers that work experience is integral to learning how entrepreneurship concepts and principles are applied in a workplace setting. Work Integrated Learning is thus is a vital feature of the Course that the College offers.

Key principles for WIL adopted at Sydney Met are:
Work Integrated Learning

WIL is a structured and purposefully designed learning and assessment activity in the course curriculum that integrates theory with the practice of work. It offers students an opportunity to interact with industry and/or the community in a real work context and to learn, apply and demonstrate skills and knowledge relevant to their course of study and future profession or career. WIL assists students to develop their work-readiness and employability.

Sydney Met will offer the following two modes of WIL. The college will communicate with the student about one of both modalities of WIL that will be on offer at least one trimester prior to the commencement of the WIL.

A. Placement-based WIL:
The focus of this model is placing students in an NGO, or a community organisation, a government agency, or a business where there is a significant intercultural focus in business, IT, and entrepreneurial activities. Every attempt will be made to identify opportunities for students in Australian enterprises opened and run by the people of multi-cultural background with their core domains of the business being social responsible and the products and services catered for the clients from various backgrounds. Each student will be placed in the host organisation for a certain number of hours as part of the Unit, combined with assessments.

B. Project-based WIL:
The WIL may be designed as a project-based engagement with an industry partner. In this arrangement, students are not required to work in the client’s workplace. Instead, students will work, individually or as a team, with an industry partner on a defined piece of work with a specific 'real world' deliverable. The work will be performed primarily on campus or remotely. Students are not supervised on a dayto-day basis, but the College will provide broad academic supervision and an assessment regime. This Unit will operate as a 'shell unit' for a variety of WIL projects which will alter and change on a trimester-by-trimester and/or year-by-year basis, depending on the required 'life' of the particular project. Projects are sought from a range of industry and College partners that require significant development, communication and documentation effort. Students work in close liaison with their industry partner and academic assessor throughout the project and are expected to demonstrate an advanced understanding of their field of study by applying theooretical knowledge in solving real world problems and strenthening their transferable skills.

For more information on WIL, please contact Sydney Met’s WIL Officer at [email protected].

WIL Policy