Onshore Scholarship

Sydney Met, a TEQSA registered higher education provider in Sydney Australia (sydneymet.edu.au) is pleased to offer scholarships up to A$ 18,000 per course to eligible international students who enrol in 2024 intakes: Term 2 (May) or Term 3 (Sep) 2024 in one of our bachelor's degree programs.

1. Courses at Sydney Met:

  • Bachelor of Social Work (AASW Provisionally accredited Qualification) BBE Tile
  • Bachelor of Information Technology – Majors; Cyber Security OR Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) – Majors; Management OR Accounting BBE Tile
    (CAP Australia and CA accredited qualification)
  • 2. Tuition fees and Scholarships per course

    Course name Bachelor of Social Work Bachelor of Information Technology Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship)
    Intakes                                        February, May, and September per academic year
    Duration 4 years (8 trimesters) 3 years (6 trimesters) 3 years (6 trimesters)
    Fee per unit A$2,700* A$2,300 A$2,300
    Fee per term A$10,800 (4 units) A$9,200 (4 units) A$9,200 (4 units)
    Scholarships Onshore
    (Up to A$15,000 scholarships*)
    (Up to A$18,000 scholarships)
    (Up to A$18,000 scholarships)
    1 st trimester A$1,875 A$3,000 A$3,000
    2nd trimester A$1,875 A$3,000 A$3,000
    3rd trimester A$1,875 A$3,000 A$3,000
    4th trimester A$1,875 A$3,000 A$3,000
    5th trimester A$1,875 A$3,000 A$3,000
    6th trimester A$1,875 A$3,000 A$3,000
    7th trimester A$1,875 - -
    8th trimester A$1,875 - -

    3. Terms & Conditions for the eligibility:

    *Scholarship to be offered subject to students meeting the conditions as follows:

    1. Students should successfully pass 75% of enrolled units in the previous trimester.
    2. Scholarship is available to the eligible students if they fully paid tuition fees net of scholarship in time. Non-payment of tuition fees on time may lead to the forfeiture of the scholarship entitlement for the term.
    3. The scholarship is for a full-time study load, 4 subjects/Units per trimester and a reduced enrolled number of subjects will be pro-rated.
    4. Students who change the enrolled program after the first trimester of study won’t be able to claim the scholarship.
    5. Students who repeat units or who study as non-award/ cross-institutional are not eligible for the scholarship.
    6. Sydney Met regards any decision about these scholarships as final and will not entertain any appeal.
    7. If applied for the credit transfer based on the previous study, either from Australia or overseas, the total amount of scholarships might be reduced.

    4. Key dates of 2024 intakes

    Intake        Trimester 2 (May)        Trimester 3 (September)
    Orientation Date         24/05/2024         13/09/2024
    Term Starts         27/05/2024         16/09/2024
    Last day of enrolment         07/06/2024         27/09/2024

    Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the Sydney Met Marketing team.

    Sydney Met Scholarship