Why Study at Sydney Met ?

Why Sydney Met

Academic excellence in an inter-cultural setting

Sydney Met is committed to provide high quality courses currently favoured by students and employers alike. Our courses are developed by academics of multicultural backgrounds and place students at the centre. In so doing, we encourage critical and independent thinking and offer positive learning experience and outcomes. You’ll thrive on plenty of autonomy to direct your own learning. Our small class sizes mean you enjoy more contact time with our teachers, plus support whenever you need it to get the best out of your studies.

Student-centred support & services

We provide students with timely and tailored support and services. We offer culturally sensitive and engaged teaching, learning and assessment services to cater for students of diverse origins and needs. Sydney Met engages diverse and experienced teachers and staff to ensure a supportive and inclusive environment.

Be in demand

You will develop the highly practical and professional knowledge, skills and the attitude needed for becoming an entrepreneur. Or as an employee, you will be highly sought-after in the job market.

Real-world work experience

At Sydney Met you will spend time gaining work experience in a real-world entrepreneurial company to gain knowledge and skills. You can also work on your own business projects, preparing you to launch into life after college!

Affordable fees

Sydney Met fees and charges are affordable. These fees are set by benchmarking with compariable colleges in Sydney.

Pathways for exciting career

Sydney Met maintains a strong partnership with businesses while it enables students to pursue actual enterpreneurial ventures as part of their study.

Excellent facilities

Our campus has everything you need to excel in your studies, including computer lab, wireless internet, library, study spaces and places to relax.

Convenient location

Study in the heart of Australia’s most vibrant student city, Sydney. Sydney Met is located in the Sydney CBD, home to a large and diverse multicultural community. You can step out of your lectures to discover arts, music, food, shopping and sports next to the college.